Thursday, March 09, 2006

Potential Shutdown

This Blog hasn't been too succesful, so I am thinking about shutting it down (like Clinton did with the governmment). I will wait two weeks, and if I do not receive any comments or questions, I will either delete or abandon my blog.


The Watcher said...


Don't do it!

A student said...

Seriously, your blog has been fairly useful, especially the ratings guide.

Lord Revx said...

yup. I agree.

Cmdr. DL 425 said...

Please stay.

Onion Man said...

yes... this blog has been useful. i have used it many times for help on my homework and such.

Cmdr. DL 425 said...

Actually, If you want, could you consider adding me as a blog member. because I'm in the class right now, and I have lots of experiance blogging, I could keep a better watch on assignments and help post stuff. If you want to keep the blog to yorself, that's OK too.

(this is erty, if you didn't know)

--For the advancement of the sith and the new order

-DL 425