Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lazy Ramadi

The schoolyear's comin' to an end. Well, my blog hasn't been too successful this semester, so I am going to refrain from posting on an AP World History blog next year. But, beware! This blog will not be shut down, and the incoming freshmeat, uuhm..sorry, I meant Freshmen are welcome to look at the archives, assuming you even find this blog. Hey, if you're lucky, Mr. Williams might actually mention it. And for those really needy freshman, I will answer one or two questions if you post them.As for my sophomore friends, see you all in World History!
But still, Q will always be there! I'll be a member of another blog!Figure it out!

Oh, yeah
Check out the link above. It's called "Lazy Ramadi" and it's a parody on SNL Lazy Sunday!

Forever your newsfeeler,