Friday, March 31, 2006

New Poster

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Repucci, the newest addition to Quang's AP gov't blog. As a current student in Mr. William's class, I'll be in the sweat and tears with the rest of you, but i'll do my best to help anyone out with questions relating to current assignments. Have a safe and happy spring break and stay away from balconies (and the diabolical balloons!)


Mr. Goodkat said...

Ok, what's up with balconies?


SWEAT AND TEARS!! you have a friggin A in that class, and I am stuck in Human Geo, with a B! I'm the one who should be insweat and tears

your moment of zen said...

whats the matter with that? you should be glad that I'm helping out. I can give assistance to human geo students, too if you want. we should make this a gov/geo sardine blog, quang.

DL 425 said...

um.. yeah. just fot the record, erty s. isn't qwertyuiop.


For the advancement of the sith and the new order.

DL 425