Thursday, February 16, 2006

AP Gov't Ranking System

Here's a guide to Mr. Williams's ranking system:
Out of a total of five brown bears
1 bear- easy, know the terms and concepts.
2 bears- still fairly managable, know terms and concepts in more depth.
3 bears- intermediate, know terms and concepts in depth, also remember a few examples from the book.
4 bears - challenging, know terms and and concepts in real depth. Also, remember to interpret data in the book(if given), and know the examples.
5 bears - hard, know everything in depth and how it relates to other chapters.
! 1 PANDA BEAR ON CRYSTAL METH !- very hard, usually given to tests although it's very rare. Know everything in depth, and how it relates to the other chapters.

Sometimes you will get questions, that seem ridiculous. My advice is : Choose the answer that you think is best, then make up your own answer and use it. Note in the blank that you have made up an answer.

This sick looking ferret comes into the classroom, and instantaneously combusts. What do you do?
a) run away
b) throw it into Mr. Williams hair
c)question reality
d) call the emergency response team
Choose one that you think is best, then make up an answer and label it, in this case, e), and tell him that you made up an answer and chosen it along with the given answer.

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